Reclaimed Hardwood

JMac Joinery has a range of beautiful Australian hardwood species varying in colour and grain. A species to suit any location. These have been sourced locally, including the Timaru wharf and the Kurow bridge. Varying sizes to suit a variety of applications, from garden edging to pergolas, from bar leaners to exposed roof trusses. Whatever your requirement, we’ll probably have the size you need. If not, we have our own mill so we can cut it to the size you require.

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Hand Hewn & Rough Sawn Hardwood

Hand Hewn Beams came from fallen logs, hewn into shape using a broad axe known in its time as an ‘adze’, which lends to the term of hand hewn sometimes being referred to as ‘hand adzed’.  Originally, shaping a log into a beam with an axe was the only method.  With the invention of steam power, rough sawn beams became a more available resource.

At JMac Joinery we have a variety of natural hand hewn and rough sawn hardwood beams ranging in sizes from 200mm x 100mm up to 400mm x 400mm x 12mtrs.

A variety of finishes are available also, from natural to water blasted, sand blasted or the surface lightly skimmed with a buzzer. Whatever the customer requires, we will endeavor to accommodate.


Freshly Sawn Hardwood

With an onsite mill at JMac, we can cut the hardwood to the customers requirements. In some cases we have sawn one face only, so that three natural sides are visible, in exposed rafter situations. In other cases all four sides might need to be milled to make exposed trusses or architect specific visible beams.

You may require a 250mm x 250mm piece at a longer length. That’s where we can mill from a hardwood wharf pile, which we have an abundance of.

Sometimes we have even had clients say they want the natural old look, but when the see the freshly sawn timber, they immediately fall in love with it. You will be surprised how good it looks.


Hardwood Furniture

With a team of qualified and exceptionally gifted joiners and timber machinists, JMac can produce a wide variety of indoor and outdoor furniture. These can be made from our hardwoods or a variety of other reclaimed timbers. Timbers such as Rimu and Beech, or milled timbers of our own such as Macrocarpa and Elm.

JMac Joinery has produced many varying products from hardwood. From the dining table (pictured) and bench forms to bar leaners, both indoor and outdoor. From vanities to kitchen benchtops.

Again, whatever the customer has in mind, we will endeavor to make it a reality.